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April 30, 2009

taxes…or make cards?

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Good morning, I’ve been slacking lately with my posts. I’ve been busy with taxes, clients and housework, blah blah, blah. I’m a little in shock with what I owe in taxes,  this will be the fifth year I’ve worked from home and I’m never quite prepared for tax season.  Anyway, I really need to start setting some cash aside each month then I can dip into that come April. It’s so hard though.

Anyway, that’s depressing so…lets talk stamping.

Todays card is another High Hopes stamps that I love, so much fun to colour with my expanded Copic collection. This was actually before I got the addition though.  I have lots of  Birthdays that are coming up in the next few months. So I actually have to start sending some of these cards out. We have three Birthday parties to attend this weekend, crazy eh. I went to Walmart lastnight and found the perfect gifts for them. I like when that happens, I don’t like to just buy any old thing I want them to really like it, and I think they will. I think my own daughter would like to keep the talking tea set for herself, her birthday is in July so I may already have an idea what to get for her…

Check back over the next few days and I’ll post the Birthday cards. Have a  stampin great  day.

April 28, 2009

Blog Candy

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Good morning everyone. I was doin some blog hopping lastnight just checking some stuff out and came across “Debbie‘s Blogoversary” and she’s giving away this amazing blog candy. Very, very generous!!  So for me to have a chance to win this I need to post a link to my blog. No problem, happy to do it. However at the moment I can’t attach the pic, so I will need some more assistance  from my “help button buddy”

Wish me luck…and be sure to check out her blog. Very talented!

April 27, 2009

Guess what…

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Good morning everyone, I have some exciting news. My family…of Copics (had you going didn’t I, Hee hee)  is growing. That’s right this girl now has a total of 71 beautiful Copics. After Saturdays class I purchased the 36 C set. I’m in love, I think with this addition I’m completely happy. Maybe I’d add the odd colour here and there, but if I didn’t I’m very satisfied, more then satisfied. 🙂 I coloured, and coloured and then coloured some more over the weekend so I have lots of images done but no cards put together yet.

I do have this one that I did before I had the “expansion” to my colour family.  This was my first time colouring on the Canson paper Kimmie often talks about. I haven’t quite decided wether I like it or not. So far I prefer the Wasau, especially when you compare price and the amount you get, dollar for dollar. Anyway it’s good to try new stuff.

Hope you have a fabulous, sunny, stampin day.

April 25, 2009

Nesties Class Today

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Hey there, I’ve been busy lately so I missed yesterday, and this afternoon I’m off to SGD to teach another Nestablilties class from 2-4:30 if anyone is interested there still a few spots left. These are just a taste of what we’ll be working on today. Again I have a client under the dryer so I need to run.

Have a great weekend.

April 23, 2009

Yeah, it’s Thursday!

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Good mornin, I like thursday’s for a bunch of reasons. SGD has their 12 hour sale on and all kinds of new items. It’s also a fabulous night for tv. We start at 8 with Survivor ( I love JT, and Coach REALLY needs to go) then there’s Grey’s Anatomy which I think is tied with Lost for my favourite TV show and then the spin off, Private Practice. We also use to watch ER but it’s done now with kind of a disappointing Finale. Oh well, one less hour of tv is good, we would be up soooo late.  It’s addicting, but these shows are so awesome. It’s been re-runs for a couple of weeks now, so tonight finally is a new episode that looks extra good. Izzie collapes, Meridith in a wedding gown. No more Denny though. *sigh* I love that man and his dimples, yummy. I love Mark (DH) the most though 😉

So anyway todays card is again from Kim‘s stash. I’m still taking excellent care of them while she’s on vacation *waving*  It’s a Whiff of Joy Stamp, not sure of the name. There faces are so precious, I love them. I coloured her using my Copics that I still love, Sheila is suppose to be getting in a big order in any day now from her new supplier, I can’t wait. Thirty eight colours isn’t cuttin it for me, I would like to have some more, so I’ve been trying to save…but I’m not doin to good 😦  Mother’s Day is coming up though? Maybe….fingers crossed

The paper again is a Dollarama steal . It’s a little book of 36 sheets of 6×6 patterned paper. All pinks, blacks and grey tones. Yesterday’s card was from that same pad. I love when I find goodies at the dollar store, this was actually $1.25. I liked it better when they had everything at a dollar now there $1-$2.

Have a great day!

April 22, 2009

Rain Rain go away…

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Good morning.  We’re half way through the week  and friday DD has a PA day so the week is even shorter.  I’m busy though doing clients and trying to play catch up with all my house work that I’ve been putting off cause I’ve been playing. Oh well, the clothes are clean, and the dishwasher is ran it’s just that next step of puttung the stuff away. lol My loving mother inlaw comes over three times a week to watch the girls while I go to the gym. She is truly the best!  If  she “finds” a laundry basket she’ll fold it for me, and when you’re kids are still wearing sizes 3-5 there’s alot of ity bity stuff  in a basket. I always lose their socks, without fail. Anyway, I love my mother inlaw to pieces, she does soooo  much for me and I really, really appreciate it. She is also into papercrafting, she’s a Stampin Up demonstrator. So she has all sorts of goodies, that she lets me borrow. I don’t think I could have asked for a better  match!!  Did I mention she lives right next door?  She does…and I bet you’re thinking of that show Everybody loves Raymond.  It’s much better then that. lol Really!

Anyhoo, todays stamp speaking of housework is one of the newest releases from High Hopes. I believe her name is Tidy up Tina. I picked her up from scrapfest (sigh) along with a few others. The sentiment is from another stamp set I have I think it was an Angel Company one.  I think she turned out pretty cute, my hubby really liked this card.

Well that’s all for today, I think I’ve yammered on long enough now. It’s funny I don’t know what I’m going to write when I sit down but I start drinking my coffee with the Vanilla Caramel creamer that I’m addicted to and the words just comes to me. I wish it work that well for some of my layouts, surprisingly the journalling on my pages is the least favourite part of scrapbooking.

Have a super day, bye!

April 21, 2009

Scrapfest goodies

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Good Morning everyone, I am soooooooo tired. I’ve had too many late night staying up and playing with my goodies. Not only with my new purchases but my friend Kim is still on vacation and I have her stamps and nestabilities to play with as well. Before I know it, she’ll be back. Wahhhhhhhhhhh!  I miss her…but I like having her stuff. lol

Todays card is with one of my stamps that I got from Phebe‘s booth at  Scrapfest. I had made my selection of High Hopes stamps and was ready to pay. Then the guy ringing me through says, “you know you get one of these stamps for 50% off.”  Well, it’s hard to say no to that, right? So I got these  cute little Stampendous  Changito Monkeys. They kinda reminded me of my two little girls.  Hee hee. I’m not saying my kids look like monkeys, they act like them sometimes…anyway you know what I mean.

Hope you have a stampin great day!

April 20, 2009

It’s just another Manic Monday…wo oh wo

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Do you remember that song? It’s just popped into my head this rainy day morning. Anyway how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. On Saturday we went to Kitchener to Scrapfest, it was awsome! Soooo many vendors, soooooooo many goodies, sooooooo little money. Boo hoo. I had to have some control not to break the bank, no wait I think I did. Oopsy!! And on sunday I spent a couple of hours out at Scrappin Great Deals  doing a free make ‘n take.  Her first Sunday being open.  Now you can go out and shop seven days of the week.  Yeah!!

I got a few of the newest released High Hopes stamps from Phebe’s store  The Town Scrapper. *waving * I was very surprised and very happy that she had these new stamps already cause they were just released on Sunday, the big reveal day. LOVE THEM!!!!!   Of course I got all girls, you’ll see them soon, I’ve been busy creating away til the weee hours of the morning. I think my hubby thinks I’m a bits nuts to stay up til 1 or 2am colouring and crafting. But that’s when I get the most done, while the kiddies are sleeping. I think I could go all night, if I didn’t have to get up in the morning.  lol

Those cards will be on here soon, I still need to take pics of them.  Todays card is from the Card tag I participated in on Kim‘s blog. See the rest of the cards there. I think there was twelve of us all together, really great stuff. It was my first time doing anything like that, it was quite fun. So be sure to check that out.

I’ll be back with lots more, I can’t wait to show you 😉 ta ta for now.

April 17, 2009

One more sleep…

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Good morning everyone, it looks like it’s going to be another fabulous day out there. I can’t wait until tomorrow, you all must know why…SCRAPFEST!!!  Yeah!!! 35 vendors, make n’ takes and classes. What more could a girl ask for, an unlimited credit card she didn’t have to pay. Hee hee I’ve been saving for this, kinda.  Anyway that’s tomorrow so I’m very excited.

Todays card is for a friend of ours that had a baby boy probably a month ago now. Haven’t had a chance to see the little guy yet 😦 But hopefully soon. Otherwise the clothes I bought him aren’t going to fit anymore. I do a lot of girly stuff but todays card and yesterdays are both for boys. I just have to hold back on the glitter and sparkles.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and maybe we’ll see each other at Scrapfest. I’ll be the one with a perma grin on her face and lots of shopping bags, I wonder if they’ll have carts?…;)

April 16, 2009

I’ve got High Hopes

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I love this little boy. I have a similar stamp from the Angel Company of a stick like boy holding a frog and couldn’t bring myself to buy this one too. Fortunately my girlfriend bought him and brought him to our PMS night a few weeks back. Again can’t wait to do one of those stampin nights again.

I had a lot of fun colouring him in with my copics, of course. My poor water colour crayons are getting lonesome sitting on the shelf. I will use them again, someday. I still like them…it’s just a totally different look.  Don’t worry my little crayons, I haven’t totally abandoned you. I’ll be back.

Anyway I’ve got a few little boys Birthdays coming up so I’ve got this card done and ready to give away. That is if I can part with him. Do you ever  find that you make a card and like it so much that you don’t really want to give it away. Maybe it’s just me.

Hope you have a wonderful stamp filled day.  Get outside too though, I heard it’s suppose to get up to 15 today! So enjoy it, spring may be here after all, Yeah!!!   *happy dance*
















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