Cuttin' it Up

March 31, 2009

Why Cuttin it up?

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So the name of my blog has more to it then you think. You see I’m also a hairstlyist. So when Kimmie suggested that name I loved it, because it ties in both my passions.  Scrapbooking and Hairstyling.

This picture was taken a week or so ago when my client Maddie decided to get a bit of a “trim”, no really she wanted quite a bit off and had mentioned she once wanted to donate it for Locks of Love. They make wigs for people with cancer. An excellent organization. Your hair has to be “virgin” hair which means it hasn’t  been chemically processed. No perms, no hair dyes etc. AND it needs to be atleast 8inches in length. She fit all the criteria so away I went with my scissors. I almost invited my 4 year old daughter to watch me cut of this young lady’s ponytail.  But then thought bad idea, what if she were to be in school one day and decided to trim a fellow classmates hair. Comes home with a knapsack of ponytails and a letter of suspension.  EEEK!!!!    Don’t get me wrong she’s a pretty good kid, but if she thought it was for  a good cause why wouldn’t it be ok.  Anyway, I showed her after the fact and explained to her again that mommy is a hairstylist and only mommy cuts hair. I’ve heard alot of stories from parents about the time their kids cut their hair and I dread the day. Hopefully I’ve lectured, um… I mean educated my daughter enough times that it will never happen.  Fingers crossed…

Have a great day, and I hope Maddie is still liking her new do. I’m so proud of her, I hope she knows what a great thing she has done. Great job kiddo 😉

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