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March 29, 2010

SGD- April’s scrappin kit

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Good morning everyone. Where has the weekend gone…I need one more day just to relax, well actually I need to do house work but that doesn’t really appeal to me, lol.

Saturday I had gone to a garage sale for scrappin goodies, I actually didn’t get much. I’m not sure what that means. Either I’m getting to the point in my scrappin life that I have it all, (Doubtful) really it was rather small. So then I went out to SGD to do a little shopping with my gift cards that I earned from selling my own stuff at their garage sale a few weeks back. So that was fun.

Then yesterday we had our Copic class at SGD, and then stayed after to plan for our next one April 18th. Can you believe I actually finished my cards last night. I had so much fun playing with the new High Hopes images I couldn’t stop myself. I was up until 1:00am but who cares I was on a roll. I’ll post a pic of them soon.

So today’s post is some layouts that I did with next month’s scrappin kit from Scrappin Great Deals. Lotsa great stuff to play with, I also did a couple cards and still have tons of leftovers. There was a sheet in the kit that had all these great scallop edges so what I ended up doing was using my exacto knife I carfeully trimmed three of the designs out and used them on three seperate layouts. I think it turned out really nice. Made the paper go along way as well.

Also be sure to stop by Sarah‘s blog to see what she  has done with this month’s kit.

Thanks for stoppin by, and if  you’re interested in next month’s kit. Check out the details here.

Have a great day!! 🙂

May 16, 2009

Splash Pad Layout

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Good morning, hope everyone’s long weekend is off to a good start. I have some clients coming today and other then that not to much else going on. I haven’t actually had the time to do a layout in so long. Cards are so much quicker but I am falling a bit behind on my scrapbooking. This is from last summer when the girls and I went to Storybook gardens and they played around in the splash pad. They love this, I think they’d be quite happy to go there everyday. I think almost everything I used was from a Stampin up scrappin kit with the odd tiny embellishment added here and there.

This is my youngest, Cory and she has always and still loves water. So here she can go completely nuts and splash her little heart away. It’s kinda hard to see but check out her expression in the “famous faces” picture. She’ll often do silly stuff like that. A real goof ball lol.

Have a great day and enjoy the long weekend.  I’ll show you my Birthday card that were attending tomorrow. Bye…

March 22, 2009

Trash to Treasure

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Good morning everyone. I don’t know if any of you remember me saying that I was going to be getting the leftovers from the February Kit from SGD. They have a challenge to use the leftovers, and they call it “Trash to Treasure” just to show how much you can get out of these kits they sell. So Kim has already made oodles of stuff, and now it’s my turn. There’s  still a lot of goodies left. So what I started with was a fall layout of my kids.

Everything used in the pic is from the kit, Everything!!!  Well not the pics of the kiddies…I only used my ink pad to ink the edges of some of the paper. That’s it.  So thanks for stopping by and I’ll see what else I can do with the “scraps” 🙂

March 4, 2009

Look at me go…

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This was a fun page to put together. This is Cory (Coryn) my youngest daughter. She’s two in these pics,  riding her tricycle last summer. She had graduated to a bike with training wheels by the end of the summer but I haven’t gotten that far with my scrapbooking yet. 

The girls loved riding their bikes last year up and down the street. Fortunately we live at the end of a dead end street so traffic isn’t too much of a problem. They had so much fun.  They’re looking forward to getting out there again.

February 27, 2009

Scroll down you’ll see the beginning of this post there…

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This post may be a bit confusing jumping all over the place I apoligize for that.   Like I’ve said a hundred times, I’m a new blogger and haven’t quite got the hang of  it all yet.  But I am getting things posted, So Koodos to me right.

I used some of my new “say it with crystals” that I got from SGD. I’ve never used them before .  But I’ve seen some of Sheila’s pages that she ‘s done and I really like the way they looked. They add such a glamorous, glitzy look.  I love them, I’ll definetly need to get some more. I love using  glitter and sparkles on cards and on layouts.  It’s good I have two girls , I don’t think boys would appreciate all the “bling” on their pages.

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So If you have looked at my blog before you know that I’m still fairly new to this and I’m not the best at getting things posted properly. Either it’s distorted, going the wrong direction or in this lastest post not in the right order. But I think you’ll get the right idea, The lay out’s title is “Some bunny Special”

So I apologize for my lack of blogging and editing knowledge.  Someday I’ll get it, hopefully. lol

layout page continued…

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Friday, it’s finally here.

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Hello everybody, what a miserable day after the gorgeous day we had yesterday. Mother nature is just a big ol tease. I can’t wait for spring to be here. 

Anyway here’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple days. These are pics I took of my oldest daughter, a year ago. I’d say I’ve fallen a bit behind on my scrapbooking. I don’t always do it chronologically. I work on whatever I’m in the mood for, and play catch up later. Eventually I’ll have it all up to date and current, Yeah right. lol

These pics of her turned out so good. She’s really photo genic and loves the camera, and to put on a show like she’s some sort of superstar. She’s a real character.  Again I know I’m early for Easter, I guess I have spring fever. And  I’ll get to scrapbook this years Easter pics in only another month or so. You’ll  be able to see how much she’s grown a year later. 

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.



February 19, 2009

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I changed the top of his head which I think looks alot cuter. I think we’ll be doing another class with the Nesties On Thursday March 12 6:30-9pm at SGD. Watch the website for further details. He will be part of the class plus some other good


February 12, 2009

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This is our puppy Lexie,  she is a Bernese Mountain dog. We’re not exactly sure how old she is because she’s  a rescue. We think about a year now. Full of energy, really she’s quite a spazz.  But we love her. Isn’t she cute.
The girls love her and she’s an awesome family dog.

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